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When you’re in the Glee Club, you probably want to be an all-singin’ all-dancin’ superstar with a bit of green glitter on your eyelids. But what does go-getting Becky Jackson want to be when she grows up? Played with cheeky spirit by Lauren Potter, Becky is a recurring mini-villain in trailblazing musical comedy ‘Glee’, but is it possible she’s one of the very few characters who doesn’t actually give a crap about joining the beloved Glee Club?

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Best start with the no option — it’s one of Becky’s favourite words, after all. Following the lead of marvellously tyrannical coach Sue Sylvester, Becky has a habit of being a meanie. As she says herself, "I'm Queen Bee and I can sting like a bitch."

When you think about meanies for more than a few seconds, you often come to the same conclusion: they’re lashing out because they’re just jealous. So maybe Becky is rude to the people in the Glee Club because she wants to be one of them. It’s a safe enough bet.

Okay sure, there's also the fact that at the end of the second season Becky does actually ask to join the Glee Club, but hang on; it's only because she gets kicked off the cheerleading squad and wants to be part of some other team. But I reckon this is a momentary lapse in judgement. I think Becky doesn't have any real desire to be in Glee Club during her high school years, and this is why...

It’s lame. I mean, c’mon. They're unpopular, they're excessive, and they get slushies thrown on them; Becky being more of a thrower than a victim. To paraphrase the inestimable wisdom of 'Mean Girls', joining the Glee Club is social suicide.

Right at the opposite end of the social scale is the cheerleading squad. That's how we're introduced to the artist known as Becky.

Early in season one, Sue Sylvester is reminded of her own sister when Becky tries out for the squad, so she invites her in and so begins Becky's golden career in the Cheerios. A team with popularity and influence, it's precisely where Becky wants to be — and although there develops some crossover between the Cheerios and the Glee Club, Becky wants no part in that. She's too picky. She's a prom queen wannabe and doesn't wanna risk a slushie up the nose.

Sue Sylvester understands that. Ah, Sue. The responsible adult who once uttered the threat "If I were out to get you, you'd be pickling in a mason jar on my shelf by now". Becky is her secretary, her assistant, her friend. Her minion. Following her so closely, it goes without saying that Becky takes after her — she even dresses up as Sue for Halloween. So because Sue thinks of the Glee Club as a cesspit, Becky feels likewise.

In later seasons Becky does dare to grow up and understand that the Glee Club is less about being a loser and more about being accepted — she comes round to its way of thinking, even fibbing to her college boyfriend that she was its leader. But in her high school years she's one of the Club's most persistent enemies. During those years, she's one of the very few characters to totally not want to be up there singin', dancin' and glitterin'.

Partly because it's lame, and partly out of loyalty to the tyrant. The Glee Club just isn't Becky, and the girl upholds that fact with an iron fist... wrapped around a slushie.
Let's both not ever graduate. The world out there is really scary. Someday they will make me leave here... and I don't know what I'm going to do.
What about toast? Bread's already been baked. I don't get why you need to cook it again.
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Published on 24 December 2015

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