Thomasina Coverly

Written by @EllieDangerous
This morning, Thomasina Coverly is aged thirteen years and ten months. But being ludicrously young is not enough to discourage her from a fascination with numbers and their application to “growth, change and turbulence”. Played by Caitlin Bamber in Tom Stoppard's 'Arcadia', the latest outing by Cardiff's Peculiar Productions, Thomasina bridges the two-century gulf separating the play’s key storylines.


Written by @EllieDangerous
I know a girl from an island, she stands apart from the crowd. Moana, eponymous hero of her own magical Disney film, is a spirited teenage voyager and heir to the chiefdom of a Polynesian island village. She’s voiced brilliantly by AuliÊ»i Cravalho, both in dialogue and song. This article celebrates Moana as the perfect role model, whether you’re a headstrong youngster or a shiny old crab.

Raymond Holt

Written by David Smith
Guest article

When cop-comedy 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' got cancelled by Fox, it was repeatedly praised for its diverse casting. Whilst the show absolutely has that, with the core cast including several black and Latinx actors, what’s refreshing is they’re not treated as the usual TV window-dressing. For instance, Captain Raymond Holt, my favourite character, is a gay, black cop. And though his race and sexual orientation definitely inform who he is (particularly given when he arrived on the force) the show discards usual lazy TV tropes in defining him. Rather his main attribute is wanting to make the best precinct he can.

Bryn West

Written by @EllieDangerous
Only me! Just wanted to let you know that Bryn West from 'Gavin & Stacey' is one of my favourite characters in telly history. And I’ll tell you for why. Stacey’s uncle Bryn (it means “hill” in Welsh), played by Rob Brydon, represents what I’ve come to love about South Wales. I’m the Gavin in my relationship, and my Stacey took me to Wales for the first time a few years ago. That’s where the Bryns live. But it’s not just Bryn’s familiarity that makes him my favourite — it’s his wisdom. For Bryn lives to remind us that the smaller things are often all the finer.